Brand Story

Each year there are more than one million children in Africa who died from malaria. That means two children died from malaria every minute. Malaria has become the          number one killer of African countries ......

We have a dream: Africa, a land free from malariaOn the beautiful prairie of Africa,  Africa mothers will no longer worry about children suffering from terrible malaria,         children no longer have to be afraid of malaria invasion.

In order to fulfill this goalGGT has spared no effort in the past three years.In 2012GGT developed effective mosquito killing products: Befine mosquito coil and                   insecticide spray. Until December 2015GGT has developed the third generation of Befine mosquito killing products and created many nights without mosquitoes for         millions of users.

Protect children from malaria.

In the futureBefine products will be all over Africa, super markets, shops and households, creating peace night without mosquitoes for millions of users.

Kill mosquitoes, No Malaria, Befine


Protect children from malaria


Protect children from malaria